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The journal will accept good quality papers in the aforesaid areas from the authors. Initially the pap er should be sent in A4 size in double spacing in MS Word in normal style, Times New Roman font with mathematical characters and expressions in Microsoft Equation 3.0 through E Mail along with two hard copies. After acceptance of the paper author(s) have to change the manuscript in the following format in MS Word:


Paper Size:

6.5”X 9.5”; Top Margin: 1.0”; Bottom: 0.6”; Header: 0.6”; Footer: 0.4”; Gutter: 0.0; Gutter Position: Left; Inside Margin: 0.8”, Out Side Margi n: 0.8”;


Font Size:

Title: 13 point, uppercase bold and centered,


Author Name(s):

11 point, Upper and Lower case bold and centered,



11 point, Upper and Lower Case Bold and Left aligned,



9 point justify,


Key Words:

9 point, Number of words not exceeding 10,


Text including mathematical expressions:

10 point, single spaced, justify;


Table and Figure Captions:

below, 9 point centered,



Serially numbered, limited, most relevant to the research work and quoted in the introduction i,e. 1. Smith, A.F.M. and Roberts, G.O. (1993). Bayesian computation via the Gibbs sampler and related Mark ov chain Monte Carlo Methods. J. Roy. Statist. Soc. B, 55, 2-23.


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